Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'm the Worst!

I am seriously the worst blogger on this planet. It often ranks low on my priority list and therefore it doesn't get updated as often as I would like. Just so you don't think I'm just being lazy and so I can justify my awfulness, let me give you a rundown of my typical day.

5:45 Wake up and leave to workout

7:30ish Get home, wake up monkeys for scriptures, feed the little darlings and so happily remind them millions of times to get their stinking chores done

9:00 Start school

11:00 One of the big kids teaches the little kids a school lesson while I go and shower and get ready

12:00 Eat lunch, continue with school until about 2:00ish

2:00ish Check their math and help kids with any of the subjects they may be struggling with

3:30-6:00 Drive my children all over town to different activities they are in, hopefully run to the grocery store during some of their classes

6:00 Make, eat and clean up dinner

7:00 Drive more monkeys around

8:30 Put the little darlings to bed

8:45 Go to bed, read a book and pass out shortly thereafter

Sometimes I'll even be crazy and stay up until 9:30, but I'm pretty loopy by that time, and honestly nice mom clocks out by 9:00 so it is safest to just let me go to bed.

Just a side note, my husband helps a lot. He helps to drive the kids around, make dinner and will even help with the grocery shopping. He is the reason I am still sane.

Amongst all my craziness I am happy. I truly love what I do. We have already had such a great year. I am learning to relax and I have turned more of the teaching over to the older kids. They love teaching and coming up with activities for their lesson, and it's easier for me too.

Today was science day, and we are studying about chemistry so we learned about acids and bases. What better way to understand this concept then to have them blindfolded and taste test different drinks to see if they were acids or bases? 

I actually remembered to film it, which was pure genius because we were laughing so hard. Bella started to dry heave just from the smell of the vinegar, funny stuff. Yes my poor baby is in a diaper AGAIN! Seriously, when he isn't in the mood to get clothes on it usually isn't worth the tackle session to try to make him. And yes, I will always refer to him as my baby, even when he is an old man.

Enjoy my craziness!

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