Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday!!

My husband and I didn't plan very well when it came to our kids' birthdays. We have them grouped together twice a year. We have three kids at the beginning of the year whose birthdays are within a few weeks of each other. Then we have our next batch of birthdays this time of year, so be prepared for way too many birthday posts. 

Today was this handsome kid's birthday.

Joshua turned seven today and has had his birthday planned out for way too long. He requested very simple presents: Froot Loops, Dino Chicken and real milk.

Weirdest birthday presents ever! At least I didn't have to break to get him everything on his list.

Joshy is a funny kid. He is beyond the grumpiest kid I have ever met. I wake up everyone in the morning for scriptures except this guy, because he is so grumpy if he doesn't get his beauty rest. Unless the house is on fire, you have been warned to not wake him up.

Joshy is incredibly bright and has been reading well for several years. I wish I could take some credit for that, but he wouldn't let me teach him to read. Did I also mention he might be a tad stubborn?

Some fun things about him are, he loves his to play with his sisters.

He loves to read and play typing games. He loves to play sports, especially because he always has 1-2 cousins on his team at a time.

I am a horrible mom because I can't any picture from his flag football games or his baseball games from the summer. So this is a picture of him with his cousins before they rode the sheep at the rodeo.

He loves to help me cook. 

He isn't actually grumpy in this picture, he is just posing. And if you can find 5 or more unsafe things about this picture you win a prize :).

Joshua is a great kid. He reminds me so much of my husband, the way he looks and especially how bright he is, that definitely didn't come from me. I love this guy to pieces and am beyond happy that I get to be his mom!! 

Happy birthday Joshy!!

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