Saturday, October 5, 2013

Another Birthday Post

We had another birthday at our house today, actually we had two! My oldest son Ethan turned 12 today and yours truly turned 33. That's right, my boy is the best birthday present I ever had!

So here is a funny story. Growing up I have two sisters whose birthdays are right before mine. Everyone loved celebrating their two birthdays, but by the time mine rolled around everyone was all birthdayed out. I could actually tell you what all my presents were before I opened them, because I got whatever my sister got, just in a different color.

I got married and I thought finally I could have my own birthday! We were married about five months and I found out I was pregnant and that my due date was three days before my birthday. I laughed and said that I know he will come on my birthday just because I have been so weird about it; and he did.

The first few years it was fun to share our birthday. Then it slowly became his birthday. Luckily, I am FINALLY maturing (it took me long enough) and have relinquished my/our birthday to him.

We started his birthday with our tradition of the gigantic breakfast. He picked waffles, sausages, fried potatoes, eggs and orange juice. The sad thing was his belly wasn't used to some of those foods so he didn't feel too good after eating it. 

We then left to another son's football game, which they won, in our honor. :) Then I took a big nap because it was my birthday too. He then got to go out with dad tonight and he had a good time.

Ethan has always been incredibly unique. He teaches me more than I teach him. He sees the world in such a different way and I love it. He loves to read, which is an understatement; he LOVES LOVES LOVES to read. I challenged the kids to read at least 10 classic books this semester, so he read three in the first week; the kid is amazing. 

He has a kind heart and loves animals. He is a very patient oldest brother, which is hard when they are so many wild ones running around. 

I love you Ethan and I can't think of anyone better to share such a special day with, happy birthday!!

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