Monday, September 16, 2013

'Tis the Season

'Tis the season! Not the Christmas season, no it's canning season! I took a hiatus from canning the last couple of years because of a new baby and then moving. This is my first year back in business, and lucky me because look at what great helpers I have!

Luckily these helpers tire quickly and run off to play, then I can enlist some real help.

I seriously love child labor. :) 

The best part about this canning season was that I got gobs of applesauce, peaches, tomato sauce and peach jam all canned for FREE! That was my husband's favorite part too! 

It has taken me years to collect all my jars and canning gizmos, but I finally have all the supplies I need. And thanks to my own peach trees, my sister having a new baby so she didn't want to pick her tomatoes and an old apple orchard that nobody really uses I was able to gather all of my fruit free too!

Too bad my monkeys have eaten most of what we canned already...

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