Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Captain Grammarica

We have had a long running joke around our house about Captain Grammarica. When someone says something with incorrect grammar Captain Grammarica is there to correct you or strike you down, whichever is most convenient  Anyone can be the Captain, and it is all done in fun.

My son had a great idea to write the story of the Captain. He had written a few short stories about him, but nothing too much. Well, I had to leave for a couple of days and when I came home my son was beyond excited to present his first "Captain Grammarica" book.

He looks a tad too much like a masked wrestler, but he gets the job done. I also asked my son why he didn't spell it, "Grammerica" instead. He insisted that this way was better because it has the full word of grammar in it. 

His "book" is only two pages and FULL of grammatical errors, but man this kid can tell a fun story. He even typed it all out and made his amazing masked wrestler, oh I mean Captain Grammarica, on the cover.

I won't include the whole story, but I wanted to include some of my favorite parts. I am going to put it exactly how he wrote it, so if the grammar is off or spelled wrong don't judge, he's just a kid. 

So without further ado here is some of his book.

Prologue (yes he wrote a prologue)
It was a warm sunny day in Citysville. Unfortunately Captain America accidentally ate his grammar book. When he got married to his wife Eliza. The grammar got mixed in their sons DNA. Thus there was born a new super hero, Captain Grammarica!

He goes on to tell about Captain Grammarica and when he hears someone speaking incorrect grammar he throws them in jail. The grammar he most often corrects in this story is, "me and Billy want to go..."

He then added a quick grammar tip for kids. He writes that, "If you do not want to go to jail for treason of grammar, then read this." He then goes on to tell kids the tip that if you take out the other person in the sentence would it still make sense? "me want to go" doesn't make sense. He then tells his reader that obviously it is wrong and they need to make it say, "Billy and I want to go".

He plans on writing more books with more grammar tips for kids. I seriously love the creativity of kids and I can't wait for the next book in his series!

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  1. I love it! Tell your son I love his idea for grammar books for kids! I love how your family has encouraged this by using Captain Grammerica in your home! Thank you for sharing!