Friday, August 16, 2013

The Homeschool Room

I titled this post homeschool room, but I think a more appropriate title would be, Homeschool Area. When we started homeschooling we lived in a big home where we had a homeschool room. I really liked it. It kept the kids and their friends out of our supplies and it was kind of nice to mentally "go to school". 

We had the pleasure of a homeschool room for a couple of years but then we moved into a tiny home for a year and the whole tiny house was kind of a homeschool room. 

We have been in our current home for a couple of years and there weren't enough bedrooms to have a room, so we had a homeschooling corner. We took a corner in the family room down in the basement. We had a TV down in the family room that we never used, so I sold that and have turned our corner into a luxurious area.

Ooooh, awwww! I wish I would have taken a before picture so you could appreciate how much more space we now have. And having the fireplace right there makes school fun on those cold snowy days; except when I almost start the house on fire. I wish that was a joke...

This is the little kids' corner. My older kids are too cool to do the calendar and weather, so this is just for the little kids. I'm trying to find a fun rug, that doesn't cost a bazillion dollars, for them to sit on.

I love my cubbies. It keeps everything nice and organized and that makes me happy. I had my poor 11 year old help me move it; of course I didn't want to take the time to unload everything, so I nearly broke his back. Mom of the year!

Maps are fun. We got these at Costco years ago. They are a little beat up, but they do the job.

I also have a cupboard from IKEA that I keep in the laundry room for stuff we don't use everyday. It holds all of our games, binders, art supplies and all sorts of random stuff that I have collected over the years.


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