Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy Not First Day of School/Kid Day

I love today, for today is, Happy Not First Day of School! A few years ago we also added a Kid Day, so we thought it would be fun (ok, easier for me) to combine the two. 

The rules for the day.

#1-No chores, unless you really, really want to.

#2-You don't have to eat your veggies or all your dinner.

And the most important of all the rules...

#3-Have fun!!

The first item of business for today was a big breakfast.

Second item, take dad to go pick up his car from getting fixed. Boring, I know. But it gave the monkeys some extra lazy time. 

Next, we went to the dollar store and everybody got to pick two items. 

I'm always amused/frightened from what my kids pick at the dollar store. Seriously, who doesn't need a pair of these??

Even the baby got something. 

I have already been attacked several times from this pirate. Maybe next time I'll give him something softer.

Then we got some pizza and went to the park.

We played pirates at the park for a couple of hours until the baby hit full melt down mode from being so tired. We let him take his nap and then we went out to the movies.

After the movie we went home, had dinner and then we went to the park and stayed way too late. 

Long story short, it was a great day!!

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  1. Great day! Last year on our {Not} back to school day we went to a museum. This year we went to the beach area of a nearby lake. Have a great year!