Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Not First Day of School!!

A few years ago I heard of a home school mom doing this, and we decided to copy her. On the first day of school for the kids in the area, we PARTY!! It's our way of saying "Happy Not First Day of School". This year we had to do the 2nd day of school due to food poisoning, so yesterday our partying consisted of Netflix and the Wii :). Today everyone was feeling better so we were able to go with our original plans. We were able to go to a museum called The Leonardo, and it is fabulous!! 

I didn't get a lot of pictures thanks to a one year old who decided to scream most of the time, but for the few moments he was quiet, I was able to get some. 

They had a neat station where you could draw yourself using mirrors and lights. It was surprisingly hard, but super fun.

Here are some of my monkeys self portraits/mug shots

 This was a station where they separated DNA from split peas. The guy was great and kept teasing them he was going to change their DNA with animals. 

Here is one of uh...I don't know, something cool I'm sure

We won't start school until the day after Labor Day, so we will go to a few more museums and continue to party until we start school.

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