Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School Bug

Guess what season is almost here?? Not autumn! Nope, it's cold and flu season! Don't you just love this time of year? The puking, the runny nose, the cough that makes your cute little five year old sound like they've smoked a pack a day for the last four years?

To keep your family healthy this winter I can not stress enough about eating good food! Have you heard me say that before? People who eat healthy just don't get sick as often as folks who eat too much junk food.

So, you're trying to eat healthy, but someone still ends up getting sick. What do you do? Well you've come to good ol' Hippie Mama to help you out! I have a Family Physician Kit that is fabulous for treating a lot of common illnesses. 
The kit contains 10, 5mL oils. I will give a run down of some very basic things you can use your kit for:

Lavender-allergies, bug bites, insomnia, calming, burns, nausea
Lemon-disinfectant, constipation, sore throat, stomach ache, allergies
Peppermint-allergies, asthma, fever, bug bites, stomach ache, motion sickness
Melaleuca-acne, ear infections, cuts and wounds, skin disorders
Oregano-antibiotic, diarrhea, sore throat
Frankincense-asthma, neurological disorders, scarring, cuts and wounds
Deep Blue-arthritic pain, bruises, carpel tunnel, joint pain, muscle pain, sprains
Breathe-asthma, bronchitis, congestion, cough
DigestZen-constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, motion sickness, upset stomach
On Guard-bacteria, mold, immune system support

The kit also includes a CD from Dr. Hill instructing you how you can take care of your family with these 10 oils. 

I love this kit and you can do so much more with these oils than what I have listed. So I am going to throw in "The Bible" of essential oils called Modern Essentials for the first five orders of the Family Physician Kit. To order click on this link.


  1. Hey, just wonderinging if the first 5 five people have ordered yet or if I can still the the book for free?! If so, so I just buy it off your amazon site and you will automatically include it or do I need to click on anything? Thanks! I am excited to get started on using oils! Actually, one more thing- could I pick up from you to bypass the shipping? I am in South Jordan.

    1. Hey Tara, you would still qualify for receiving a free book!! Yes, it would be easier to just have you pick it up the oils from me or if you would like I can come up to South Jordan and teach a class for you and some friends on how to use the oils. Either way let me know. You can email me, thanks!!