Friday, July 12, 2013

Piano and Real Life

With the new school year coming up I thought I would start posting about what curriculum we will be using for the fall. I started my kids on piano lessons a few years ago. We quite liked that program, but the program didn't like us back. 

Apparently I was supposed to buy a specific brand of keyboard, and have certain specifications on my laptop. After MANY calls with tech support they told me the only way to fix the problem was to either buy a new keyboard or a new laptop. Although I totally like just throwing money down the drain:), I figured we needed to take a different route.

I took lessons for a few years, so I decided to teach the monkeys myself. I didn't know what books to use so I just went to the music store and asked what were the most popular books for kids. This is what they recommended, Piano Adventures.
You can purchase them pretty cheap on Amazon, just click on the picture for the link.

We have really liked it, and it is easy enough to for me to teach. I will probably have to break down and hire a real piano teacher one of these days, but for now they will just have to deal with me as their teacher for one more subject.

Here is a fun little video of my daughter and I playing some duets on the piano. I laughed so hard after watching this, I hope you enjoy how much "real life" is in this video from my baby and my five year old. I also got a kick out of how serious Bella and I were. She has always stuck her tongue out when she is really concentrating, I think it's so funny. 

Apparently I rock back and forth when I'm really concentrating; not so funny, more kind of creepy.


  1. Love the video! We are trying to do piano on our own this year too.