Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It is summer time and I have four boys; inevitably someone is going to get cut or hurt. Before I went full hippie we had one boy get stitches twice and another boy get staples twice. He apparently had a much bigger head:). Their lovely wounds have given them lovely scars which is great because dad always tell them that scars make better stories than tattoos. Luckily for my daughter I had already gone hippie by the time she decided to join the boys and split her head open. Her scar is so tiny you can't even see it. Five awesome bonus mom points for me!!

Just a few days ago my six year old was watching fireworks and slipped and fell on some rocks; poor child is a tad clumsy. Anyway he came in crying that he had fallen and cut himself.

It's not the worst cut I've ever seen but it was fairly deep. 

Whenever my kids have a big cut like this I use melaleuca to kill anything nasty that might be in there. I only did about 3 drops and it didn't sting him at all. Then I use goldenseal. I just bought mine at Good Earth, and I pulled apart the capsule to dump just enough in the wound to seal it up.

Now normally I would then put a butterfly bandage on it to shove it together, but alas, I have children that think bandages are a necessary accessory for everyday children fashion; so needless to say we were out of them. If the cut was on his face I would have been more concerned, but because it wasn't I just put a regular bandage on it to hold it together. Within two days the cut was already looking really good. I have put melaleuca on one more time, but that was just to be safe, not because he really needed it.

If I were worried about the scar, but I'm not because remember, scars make better stories than tattoos, I would put 3-5 drops of lavender and frankincense on it 2-3 times a day until it really started to fade. 

If I were worried about infection I would put 3-5 drops of melaleuca on a 2-3 times a day until the infection was gone.

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