Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bee Stings

Last week I am pretty sure there was a group of bees who all placed a bet on who could sting my kids the most, or who could make them cry the most. Either way, within one week we have had five bee stings. My poor Bella received three of them herself on her feet. She didn't think she would ever walk again, but thank goodness for miracles and she has learned to walk again. :)

Little did the grumpy little bees know that I am prepared for their nasty little stings. I carry a bunch of oils around with me wherever I go and I was able to help all the poor victims of the great stinging of 2013. I put lavender on first because it is an antihistamine and then put on some wintergreen to help with the pain. I didn't have any clove on me, but if I were home when it happened I would have put that on instead of wintergreen. Clove will also numb the area, but it also helps to pull out anything that might be left in the affected area.

I only put 1-2 drops on each sting, and I only had to do it one time. If your child is more dramatic then my Bella, heaven help you, then you could put on as needed.


  1. Have you tried a baking soda paste? I've heard that is supposed to help. We haven't had any bee stings here though, so I haven't been able to try it!

    1. I haven't ever tried that, I will have to try that the next my darlings decide to play targets for the bees.:)

  2. Baking soda paste works very well for splinters..