Tuesday, March 20, 2012


First of all I apologize if these pictures are a bit graphic, this happened to my daughter last fall. She was playing in a hammock with her cousin when she flipped out of it and landed on the corner of a paving stone. I'm sure anyone within a 3 mile radius heard the scream, it was bad. I ran out and to get her and bring her in, blood was everywhere. I looked up at my husband and told him I think we should take her to the ER, but he looked back down at me and confidently told me that I could fix this, so I ran and grabbed my box of oils. First, I put on melaleuca followed by Purify. I put those two on to kill anything that could turn into an infection. Second, I put frankincense on the cut (that stuff is just good for anything). Third, I opened a capsule of golden seal and poured it into the cut, then pushed it together with a butterfly band-aid.
A few hours later, after oils and golden seal.
This is right after it happened.
The morning after, all swollen.

I thought my beautiful daughter was going to have a massive scar through her eyebrow and onto her eyelid. I also thought that her eyebrow would never grow over the cut. I was absolutely thrilled that none of that was true! The scar is barely visible and her eyebrow has grown back over the cut. I put melaleuca, lavender, and frankincense on her for a few weeks. I put it on several times a day, down to once a day at the end of several weeks.
This picture was taken last month; sassy yes, but with no visible scar!

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