Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Could Never Homeschool Because...

I keep hearing reasons why someone could never homeschool, well of course not with that attitude. :) Seriously though, the comment I hear the most about why someone could never homeschool is because they don't have the patience. It is usually followed by a type of comment that I must have so much patience. Hmmm, how do I respond? I make a joke, because I'm super funny, they don't get it, then we change the topic of the conversation.

Apparently I have been bestowed with some magical ability to have patience. That would be great, but I do not have that super power. Am I patient with my kids? I try to be, just like I try to be a good mom, I try to keep the house clean, I try to do service, I try...should I keep going? Some people may have more of a knack of being patient then others but for the most part it is a skill that most of us have to practice.

Whether you homeschool or not, you have to have patience with your kids. It is definitely not always easy, just yesterday my lovely two year old dumped out a bunch of flour. The first time he did it, I took his picture; the second time, I wasn't very amused.  All I can do is practice patience, and pray that I continue to get better.

So, now that I have debunked the excuse "I don't have enough patience to homeschool", let me know what your other excuses are so I can debunk those too!

Isn't he precious?


  1. My number one excuse is that I don't have enough patience. There are other reasons, though. I feel like the kids need socialization and while I'm generally a bubbly, outgoing gal...I'm probably not gonna make up for the tons of friends they'd make at a conventional school. You might say, "Get together with your friends and their kids." We move so often that we don't have any real social support where we're currently living and I don't know any other parents with kids the same ages as ours. I'm also such a Type-A/OCD/Control Freak - I don't think I would do my poor kids justice. What're your thoughts, Hippie Mama?

  2. Great question, I had to think for a little bit on this one. I get asked about socialization a lot, so here are my thoughts. At school, yes, kids do have more opportunities to be with other kids. But no, they are not taught how to socialize. This is from CBN News, Dr. Thomas Smedly, "School students spend their days in a room with children who are their same age, socioeconomic status and, more often than not, race. These children quickly learn that older kids do not play with younger kids, girls don't play with boys, rich kids don't play with poor kids, and so on." Also, according to National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI) survey, homeschoolers have “healthy social, psychological, and emotional development, and success into adulthood.”

    Moving around can make it more challenging to find co-op groups, but not impossible. Search Yahoo groups or Facebook groups for co-ops in your area. I keep finding new ones I didn't even know existed. Also, you can sign your kids up for after school activities like dance or sports so they can get to know more kids. There are also great clubs within different religions that have activities for kids like cub scouts.

    Hopefully that helped debunk the myths about socialization. That was a great question!

  3. My biggest excuse was I'm not smart enough. After watching what my kids were exposed to through the public school I'm going to get over that but I think some people might feel the same. So thank you for you inspiration and knowledge and for taking the time to give my some ideas for this next adventure.