Saturday, February 16, 2013


*After toying with this recipe I have changed it a little bit, I hope you enjoy!

I am in heaven. I have finally found a breakfast recipe that doesn't taste "healthy" and is an alternative to eggs. Before going paleo I found crepes gross and a sad alternative to pancakes. Now I think they are God's greatest gift to all man kind. I was snooping around online and found this wonderful website. She had lots of great recipes including a crepe recipe. I usually have to double recipes due to my gigantic family so I am giving you the recipe family size.

8 eggs
8 Tbs of coconut milk or water
4 Tbs of arrow root powder
Pinch of Salt

Put all ingredients into the blender and blend well. To make it taste extra yummy put a little dab of butter in the pan before you pour the batter into the pan. Cook on medium heat and flip when the side is browned. After you have browned both sides remove the crepe from the pan. The fun part is now to fill the crepe. We put Paleo Cool Whip in the center with strawberries, rolled them up, and put a dab of Paleo Cool Whip on the top with a few more strawberries. Or you can throw some of this delicious chocolate sauce onto it.


  1. Tried these tonight and they are AMAZING! We cut the recipe in half for our family of 4 and used some organic apple pie filling and sprinkled with powedered sugar. AMAZING!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it! We put blueberries in ours today instead of strawberries. I think I might make this for breakfast every day this week :).