Thursday, February 14, 2013

Paleo Cool Whip

Since I can remember I have REALLY loved cool whip, like uncomfortably loved the stuff. As a kid I would sneak into the fridge and eat a lot of it by the spoonful. As an adult I used to do the same thing, that stuff was awesome. Unfortunately it is also awesomely bad for you. I haven't had the stuff in years but I came across a bunch of recipes for some home made cool whip and it is good!! My family has really loved it.

This recipe is beyond easy, even my husband could make it :).

1 can of coconut milk-chilled overnight or at least a couple of hours
1-2 Tbs of honey

Open the coconut milk and drain out any of the milk that hasn't thickened, make sure you don't throw any of the milk away you can always put it into something else. Take the thick cream put it in a bowl and add the honey. Then use a mixer and mix it until you get a nice creamy texture. Spread onto anything and make it super awesome!

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