Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!! I love New Year's Eve, my husband and I host a family party at our house every year. We had too much food and a lot of fun. We even had some expired fire works, which are WAY more exciting then regular ones. :)

At the beginning of every year we are supposed to set unrealistic goals, get burned out, and then give up a month or two down the road. Right? That's how I used to do my goals. A few years ago my husband had the great idea of breaking our goals into five different categories. The categories are spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and financial. We break them up even one step further and not only put what our goal is but how are we going to accomplish it. We do our own individual goals, couple goals, and family goals. The kids all came up with what their goals are then we are going to put it up on a big poster board in the kitchen.

So, last year we were thinking of our goals and it went something like this.
Husband-What is your physical goal?
Me-Have a baby.
Husband-What is your emotional goal?
Me-Have a baby natural.
Husband-What is your spiritual goal?
Me-Pray that I can survive having a baby.
Husband-What is your financial goal?
Me-Pay off new baby.
Husband-What is your mental goal?
Me-Don't go crazy having a baby.

I'm happy to say I completed all my goals. :)

Seriously, I didn't really set any last year because at the time it felt overwhelming with the idea of adding baby #6 to the mix. This year I have mine all ready and I will go over all the five categories individually in different posts during the month.

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