Sunday, January 8, 2012


I was planning on going over the five different areas of goals individually, but I changed my mind. I originally listed a bunch of our goals out and how we were going to accomplish them. But honestly it felt a little too personal to post all of my goals. So, instead I'll go over a little bit in more detail on how we do our goals.

How is it that it is so easy for us to set goals and yet we don't accomplish a lot of them? It's because we set the goal but don't give ourselves a plan on how we're going to do it. If you want to lose weight, great, but how? Are you going to exercise? Track what you eat? Or just hope that by putting it on a piece of paper it will happen? So write down your goal and then give yourself a plan of how you're going to do it. To be successful it's best to review, track, and forecast. Review what you've done, track what you're currently doing, and then forecast how you will do.

We break our goals into five categories, they are: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial. We decide what our goals are then we put how we are going to do them. I'll share one of my goals for each category then some of my "how to" ways of accomplishing them.

Physical-lose baby weight. How to-exercise at least 5 times a week, track everything I eat.
Emotional-let my husband know every day how I feel about him. How to-do random acts of service for him, leave notes for him, show him I love him in his language of love. (Great book, the 5 Languages of Love)
Mental-become a alternative health pro. How to-attend 2 classes a month on alternative health, read something about alternative health twice a month.
Spiritual-be more spiritual. How to-pray and read my scriptures 300 days out of the year, pray and read scriptures with husband 250 days out of the year.
Financial-Always stay within my budget. How to-track everything I spend, update my spending weekly, monthly financial meeting with husband.

I keep a calendar by my goals so I can cross of any of my goals that specify how many times I'm going to do something.

We even did our family goals in the same format, then we had the three older kids go over what their goals were for the year. Some of the kids goals were to run a 5k, save a certain dollar amount, how many books they were going to read, and so on.

This doesn't mean that I will accomplish all of my goals, but it definitively gives me some direction for the year. Please let me know if you any questions or if you want more details. Best of luck for 2012!!

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  1. I have very similar goals:
    Continuing my weight loss, toning up, getting better in shape
    Reading the scriptures each morning with the kids
    Making more real meals for our family
    Landing an axel (which I just accomplished!)
    Getting more organized in the house.

    So far so good.