Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My New Favorite Thing...

I was asked about a month ago what fun new thing have I done this year with home schooling. I thought for a while, I have a couple, but my most favorite has been youtube. It's free, which is always a plus and it has some great things on there, like School House Rock. *I know there are some bad things on there too, so we only go on youtube with me there* We use it for almost every subject!

My daughter finds grammar a tad boring, but when put to song and silly cartoons who wouldn't want to learn about nouns and conjunctions?

We studied the revolutionary war this first semester and we loved to watch this video. We also found that all the Liberty Kid's shows were on youtube, after we would read about a certain event or person we would find an episode that corresponded with what we read and watch it all together.

In science we are learning about birds, so we've watched all sorts of different birds, preening, their mating rituals (not the actual mating:)), but our favorite/creepiest was watching a chicken lay an egg. We didn't eat eggs for a couple of days after that.

I've even found art teachers giving different lessons.

So hands down this has been my favorite new addition this year!

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  1. You can learn to play just about any instrument on youtube, too. Benson got a ukulele for Christmas and I went on there to learn how to tune it. Easy as pie! You rock, Meg. Keep up the good work! :)