Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

I am celebrating my 4 year anniversary this month!! Anniversary of what, you ask? Well, 4 years ago we were driving home from the Grand Canyon. My husband and I had a lot of very interesting conversations; some how we started on the topic of addiction. We were discussing someone who was trying to quit smoking. I told him that I don't get it, if you don't want to smoke, drink, or whatever then stop doing it. He laughed at me and asked me how much I love candy and desserts. The answer was obvious, I could eat an impressive amount of both of those. He then suggested, well then, give it up, don't eat it ever again. So I said fine, I will. I don't know what that says about me, either I am one of the most stubborn people or one of the most awesome :).

Lets be honest, it was VERY hard at the beginning. But, over the years it has become easier and easier and it is what actually started me down the path to healthier eating.

So happy 4 years to me for no candy or desserts!


  1. Oh Meg. If only I'd known. Next time something calls for a treat, I'll bring you flowers instead. :) Your willpower is amazing!

  2. I gave up sugar for 8 months, once. A love time ago, ages and ages ago, before I was even married. It is rough at first, but for me the desire to eat it eventually left and I didn't even feel tempted! Props to you for keeping it up!! I wish I had...

  3. I would be very careful trivializing addiction as being cured by willpower alone. Think of those afflicted with mental disorders,ptsd etc. Alcoholism and sugar are very different sufferings. Sorry not to keep the conversation light. Just trying to keep it real.