Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snack Time

As I have slowly changed my eating habits I realized I wasn't changing my kids. I made sure their snacks didn't have high fructose sugar in them, but that was about as far as I made it. I wanted to make a gradual change for them with snacks so, I let them finish off what they had and starting slowly replacing them with some better options.
Here is some of the stuff we now have as snacks: raw almonds, raw pecans, no sugar added raisins, fruit, vegetables, fruit leather, and cashew clusters. I've also made some granola and I am continuing to learn how to make healthy snacks for them. Surprisingly, my kids haven't asked for the old stuff.


  1. I've seen those cashew clusters at Costco and wondered about buying them. I'm afraid I'll love them so much that I'll eat the whole bag at once and then they won't be so healthy any more!

  2. I so need to do this. My kids love fruit snacks, pudding, soda, whatever. I think I eat pretty healthy but not so much my kids. I'm going to start experimenting on different snacks that are good for them. Wish me luck.