Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday Fun Class

One of my kids favorite activities is Friday Fun Class! Every Friday we get together with a group of home schoolers and offer a variety of classes. Some of the classes we've had are: PE, Insane Fun, Singing, Violin, Creative Writing, and Stage Fun. The kids are divided into 4 different age groups and can take up to three classes. All the moms take turns teaching a class. When the weather will cooperate we all go to the park for lunch afterwards. This is the music class, which is usually held in a music room, not a glorified closet. However, the day I took pictures the music room was closed due to an art show being held.Here is the PE Class. They had to try to cross the room not letting anybodies feet come apart, which is surprisingly harder then I thought it would be.
Now this class, I honestly have no idea what they do. When I asked my daughter she said, "History, no science, oh I don't know."

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