Thursday, January 6, 2011

Science Trivia

We just finished our science book yesterday. At first I was thinking great, one thing already done before the baby comes! Then I thought of all the time I put into teaching about Botany and was a bit discouraged realizing they'll probably forget EVERYTHING within a week or two. So, I was thinking how can I help them retain all this information? Then it hit me, I'll make a game!

I made a random trivia game up last month and the kids loved it! So I figured I would do the same thing with the science book. Each chapter has review questions, and thankfully answers because I forgot some of it already too. I just typed up the questions with the answers on the side, pulled out an old game that is missing most of it's pieces, thank you two little destroying children for providing that, and grabbed a dice.

The kids and I played it yesterday and we had a blast. I plan on playing this every couple of weeks with the kids so they'll retain more of what we learned. I also laminated my questions because like I said, I have two destroying angels that would love to get their hands on them.
Here are the cute little monkeys, ready to play!

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