Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meal Time Bliss

OK maybe bliss is the wrong word, perhaps I should have said meal time with less of a headache. Having a lot of young kids I need them to help around the house as much as possible. So when they started showing interest in cooking I instantly created a plan/scheme to get them cooking.
Here is how we do it...
I like to go to the grocery store as little as often, last time we were there I caught Joshua eating broccoli and Tess eating cabbage, those two make my life eventful. Anyway, I write a list of dinners that we will be having for the next couple of weeks. Each child gets to pick a meal they would like to make. Then we make our list of all the ingredients we will need for that meal.
I do not have set nights for the kids to make a meal I just randomly rotate them through myself. On their night they help prepare the whole meal, it's great! They can boil the noodles, cut the veggies and so on.
Sometimes their meals are a bit odd, Ethan just wanted plain noodles one night, so I do have to help by suggesting things like, "Would you like sauce on those noodles?"
They also have to pick a vegetable. The other night Porter picked broccoli. When I got him the pan to cook the broccoli he asked, ""What are you doing? I don't want those cooked." To my surprise all the kids loved them raw and ate them up.
Kids do have good ideas...sometimes :)

Here is Ethan presenting his lasagna he made.

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