Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer School

What kind of mean mom would make their kids do school in the summer?
This one.
I don't do it to be mean I just don't want to spend the first couple of months of school re-learning all the things I taught them last year. It's a very simple schedule and it's stuff they can do mostly on their own. They have to write in their journal, do one page of Explode the Code (phonics), read, and then a page of math.
I use Math-U-See and they have printable math pages. I pick lessons from last year that I feel they had not quite mastered so when we start new stuff in the fall they won't be lost.
We don't have a rigid schedule and we're very flexible for when fun summer things come up.
We will take two full weeks off before we start school this fall.Here are the monkeys doing their work.

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  1. meg, you're wonderful! I hope your fam knows how lucky they are to have you!!!