Monday, July 5, 2010

Bladder Infection

Am I the only one lucky enough to get these dreaded things?? A few weeks ago I was running a marathon; yes I am patting my own back there, and I got another bladder infection. I made it to mile 21 and in tears called my husband to come and get me.

Because this was not my first time with a bladder infection I knew what to do. We drove straight to Good Earth Natural Foods and bought unsweetened cranberry juice. If you think you love cranberry juice you've never had it unsweetened because it's disgusting. I fill a cup half with water and half with the juice, it makes it easier to drink it. I used to get some cranberry pills but someone at Good Earth suggested D-Mannose with CranActin (we bought the SOLARAY brand) so we tried that instead. We got home and I drank the juice and took the D-Mannose. By the afternoon I was feeling really good and was able to go out with my family later that night. The next day it was almost gone and by the third day it was completely gone.

I have also used the oils to help with my bladder infection. The time before this infection I treated it with just drinking the juice and taking essential oils. I put several drops of Oregano* and OnGuard* into a capsule and took them three times a day. It took about the same amount time to clear the infection.

*OnGuard-Is a blend of 5 oils that have been studied for thier strong abilities to kill harmful bacteria, mold, and viruses.

*Oregano-Is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiparastic, antiviral, and an immune stimulant.

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