Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home School Schedule

Before I made the choice to home school I had people tell me that it's not possible to home school more than one child. Their reasoning was because your children are all on different levels. I had a hard time believing this because I know a lot of people who home school and some how make it work. After reading what other people have done and through trial and error I have found a schedule that works the best for us. I start our mornings all together, we have prayer, say the pledge, calendar, weather, and sing songs.
Next we do a life skill. Here are some of the things we do, character building (Standin Tall), safety kids, money, tying shoes, math puzzles, manner games, rules of our home and so on.

Next we have a subject of the day. Monday is ancient world history (The Story of the World), Tuesday is art, Wednesday is science (Apologia) and Thursday is geography. Friday is our easy day.

Then we split up, I keep one child with me while the others go do their work that they can complete on their own. They do their math (Math U See), phonics (Explode the Code), read on their own, and write in their journals. I also have a computer learning game (Jump Start) and a typing game on my computer they can play once they have completed all their work and their chores.

The child who stays with me does their spelling test, either phonics flash cards or a phonics game (Happy Phonics), grammar and writing. Then I rotate through them until they have all finished with me.

After that I am officially done "teaching". I will help if they have questions with math or phonics but they usually can do it on their own. Other things I would like to throw into the rotation are music lessons and Rosetta Stone, but will have to wait for the budget to allow them. Once a week I write down what we will be doing the next week, what lessons they are on and what supplies I need. It only takes about 15 minutes to get it ready. Then I keep it posted and cross it off as we go.

I wish I could say it always ran smoothly but alas I also have two babies/wild animals running around while I'm teaching, that's why I leave Fridays fairly open. We either make up something we missed or get a little bit ahead. Yes some days are better than others and I am realizing that my mood has more to do with that than how they are behaving.

I purchased my writing, grammar, and history from

I purchased my math from

I purchased everything else at I LOVE this website, this lady is so positive about home school she has really given me the courage to continue to do it!!


  1. Meg,
    Today while we were in primary I thought,"Wow, this lady is so fun and is enjoys making learning fun for the kids around her." Now searching around your blog I realize that I need to have an oil/curriculum/homeschool/natural living chat. We have a lot of the same interests!!

    What is your schedule like this week?