Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sore Throat and Chest Cold

A few nights ago we got a call around 10pm. That always makes my heart jump, not just because I'm usually dead asleep, but because I figure there must be an emergency to have a call that late. It was a friend of ours whose wife had a chest cold and a horrible sore throat. They own the Dr. Mom oil kit from doTERRA and were wondering what oils they should use. I recommended putting a few drops OnGuard* and Oregano* on her feet, a few drops of Breathe* directly onto her chest and then make a warm drink of water and honey and then several drops of Lemon* for the sore throat. I told them to put it on right then and during the night if she wakes up not feeling well, also several times during the next day. They put it on that night and the results were almost immediate and she started feeling better. They put the oils throughout the next day and she just felt better and better as the day went on.

Other things I would recommend if you have them are the doTERRA Onguard protecting throat drops* they really help with a sore throat. I always use Frankincense* too because it is so powerful. When I am sick I will go to the natural foods store and purchase empty capsules and make my own pills. I put about 5 drops of OnGuard, 3 drops of Oregano and 2 drops of Frankincense.

*OnGuard is a blend of oils that have the ability to kill harmful bacteria, mold and viruses. Some benefits of the oils in the blend are antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic antiparasitic, antiviral, immune stimulant and so much more.

*Oregano is an amazing oil it is very strong and effective for helping you to get better fast! It is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic to the respiratory system, antiviral and immune stimulant.

*Breathe is another blend made to open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system and also for their abilities to combat airborne bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the system. We use A LOT of Breathe at my house, my son has asthma and this is a life saver, I will post about asthma later.

*Lemon, ah what a wonderful oil. I drink lemon daily to help cleanse my system and help me to not get sick. Lemon has MANY uses but some of them are antiseptic, antifungal, antioxidant, antiviral, and astringent. Also you can clean just about anything with it, I got off a lot of pen, crayon and marker off of my walls from my little artists; and my cute little destructive baby one day painted her face in lipstick, soap and water wouldn't take it off, but my trusty Lemon oil would!

*OnGuard protecting throat drops feel so very nice when you have a sore throat; and as a HUGE added bonus they taste good!! I don't know about you but I can't take the throat lozenges that taste disgusting. Plus they are loaded with all the oils in the OnGuard blend.

*Frankincense is an amazing oil and I usually throw some on no matter what I'm treating. Some of the properties of Frankincense are: anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and immune stimulant.

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