Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunburn Spray

My favorite season is almost here, summer! I love the heat, I love playing in the water, I love it all. When I was young and had no responsibilities and my favorite thing to do in the summer was to lay out. I still love it, I just have too many children to just lay out all the time, blah. Just kidding, I love them.

The only downside to summer is sunburns. My husband thinks the downside to summer is the heat, but he is crazy. I usually don't get too burned, but inevitably one of my darlings will. This is a quick and easy spray to make to give relief when you are sunburned.

Sunburn Spray

10 drops of Lavender
5 drops of Peppermint

Mix in a spray bottle with distilled water and store in the fridge. 

The Lavender will help heal the skin and the Peppermint will offer relief from the heat. You don't want to put a thicker oil on, like coconut oil, for a few days or it will trap in the heat.