Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Day of School

We have just finished our sixth year of homeschooling!! Who knew I could finish something I started :). Seriously though, the last six years have been awesome and also exhausting.

We started a fun tradition this last year where we have a Battle of the Brains at the end of the semester. This is a great review for the kids and it gives me a chance to see where they are without having to take tests.

We have five events; this year the events were: Science, Greek History, Church History, Math, and Fitness.

My six year old was my helper once again; she kept score and got to pick the next event. 

I didn't grab as many pictures this time, sorry about that. You will have to use your imagination and trust me that we all had a good time.

The first event chosen was Greek History. I had written a series of questions and the one who answered the most questions correct won. I found out my boys really paid attention in Greek and my daughter, not so much. Ethan and Porter tied for first during this round.

Next was Church History. It was the same format of our Greek history. Porter won this round.

The next event was Math. I use Math-U-See and they have printable pages on their website. I printed off math questions from the last four years of math. They have 10 minutes to answer as many questions as they could, the one with the most correct answers won. Porter won this round with Ethan right on his heels. He only beat him by a few.

Our next event was fitness. The kids had to run a half a mile and the first one back wins. Again, Porter won this round with Ethan right behind him. 

Our final event was science; this is my favorite game. I have made trivia questions from every science book we have ever used and compiled them into one game. We use an old Sorry board. If you answer the question with no help you get to roll two dice; if you have a hint only one die; if you answer incorrectly you must roll one die and move backwards. Ethan won this game.

Porter ended up winning the Battle of the Brains. He is our two time champion!! The winner receives a beautiful bouquet of creepy fake flowers, every 11 year old boy's dream.

I was so proud of my kids and how hard they all tried; even my little seven year old kept up with all the big kids. I felt a little bad for Bella because she really excels in art and we didn't have an art category this time. I will make sure next time to have art be included.

So what will we do while all the other kids are in school? Play, of course!! We have plans to go to the zoo, park days, and most importantly sleeping in!

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