Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fire Starter

Doesn't my title sound exciting? Oooh, fire starter. I think it does. 

I don't know where or how my husband came up with these; all I know is that they work. We have a fire pit out back and if I am starting it I just use vitamin G, or more commonly known as gasoline; however, my husband didn't think that was very safe.

The fire starters are easy to make and use and they really help get a whole fire going. All you need is: egg carton, dryer lint, old cotton fabric (we cut up an old shirt), dental floss and paraffin wax.

First step is double boil your paraffin wax to make it a liquid. I bought my wax at Hobby Lobby.

Next, you stuff a little bit of your dryer lint and your cloth into an egg carton. You will then proceed to tie your dental floss around your egg carton. Make sure you leave a long tail so you are able to dip it into the wax easier.

Once the wax is melted you dip your little fire starter into it and then set it aside to dry. When you are ready to start a fire you just light your little starter and put it in the wood and it will get your whole fire going. It is definitely much safer than my vitamin G; not as exciting, but very effective. :)

OK, here is where I get fancy. Not only did I record my husband making one, but I learned how to edit it!! I have never been more proud of myself. I had to hold myself back because I was going to add sound effects and weird music just because I could. So for your viewing pleasure: here is my sexy husband making a fire starter.

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