Saturday, December 14, 2013

Homeschool Christmas Concert

To be honest this post is a little, ok mostly for me. My oldest son and daughter have been taking a musical theater class this semester and they had their performance this week. I recorded their performances and I want them somewhere where I will know where they are saved, because heaven forbid I organize my photos and movies. But because I rarely do, I want them on here so I will know where to find them. 

Having said all that, my kids had a great time in this class. I love their teacher!! She is my friend who just started homeschooling this year and we couldn't be happier that she is! She is incredibly talented, but what I loved about her class is that she let my kids be themselves. She arranged the show to be a variety show, and let the kids pick what they wanted to do; she even let Ethan make up his own song. 

My favorite part of the show, which I unfortunately didn't capture on film, was these three little girls singing a really cute song and they said the word, "cow". When they said that, my Ethan saunters through the stage as a moping cow. It was hilarious!

Here are the videos from the performance. I filmed them with my cell phone so forgive the crappy quality and my husband and me giggling in the background. This first one is all the kids singing 12 Days of Christmas.

This next one is Ethan's song, Old McAlien performed by Ethan and Bella.

This next one was a lip synch of I Want to Run to You.

There were a couple of other numbers they were in that my husband recorded; when I get those from him, I will add them.

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