Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Real Science 4 Kids

This year with school we tried something new. I let my kids pick out their own science curriculum. I was hoping it would hold their interest if they picked it, and so far it has. 

They chose to study chemistry this year. What a daunting subject, right? Each year I teach, I am reminded of how little I know. I think it would be so awesome if I just knew this stuff so we could have a great discussion and then do some experiments; someday hopefully I will be like that. But because I am nowhere near that level, I still need to buy a science book. I looked around and ending up buying this one. 

I really like the book, it is in simple terms that even I can understand. They have pictures that really help explain the concept they are teaching and the experiments are fun and we have really liked it. The only bad thing is that the book won't last us all year and it was kind of pricey; we will be finished up with the book before Thanksgiving.

To make the book and my dollar last longer I've decided to start finding as many extra experiments that I can for us to do. It helps the kids to really understand what we have learned and it is super fun too!

I have found some on Pinterest that I am very excited to try, I will post about them after we've tried them.

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