Friday, October 25, 2013

Hair Loss

If you have ever seen me and my gigantic mane of hair, you could probably guess right that I'm not too concerned about hair loss. I have always had a lot of big hair, you better believe that I rocked my big hair in the '80s; I had some super awesome bangs too!

So, finding a help to thinning hair or hair loss was kind of a fluke. I have been experimenting with some homemade shampoo(I love it, by the way), and I will post about it soon, and I read that Rosemary is used for stimulating the mind and enhancing mental clarity. I need all the help I can get in that department so I added Rosemary to my shampoo.

Soon afterward my hair seemed fuller. I also made some shampoo for my kids and my oldest son came to me asking me what I had done, because now his hair was too thick. I added it to my husband's shampoo and his hair has gotten thicker too, although he doesn't need it because he is a sexy beast. :)

I finally went and read about Rosemary and sure enough it helps stimulate healthy hair growth. It can also help with arthritic pain and rheumatism. 

To use I put 5-10 drops into our homemade shampoo. You could also just put 1-2 drops onto your hair after you've washed it. I love the smell of this oil!!

Another way to help with hair growth and healthy hair is the Lifelong Vitality Pack vitamins. Hands down the best vitamins I have ever taken!

If your husband isn't too keen on the idea of using oils, you could always put some on his head while he is sleeping. :)

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