Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Best Weight Loss Trick!!

I have read so many books about health and food, but nothing has compared to this little secret when it comes to weight loss. You ready for it??

Drum roll please......The Stomach Flu!!!

My children and I have shed some unwanted pounds the past couple of days by sleeping all day, hardly eating anything and puking anything we do eat. And it can be yours too!! All you have to do is come on over and hang out with us and you will soon be on your way to shedding those last few pounds.

Seriously though, it has been an ugly last couple of days. I have NEVER had all my kids puking. It has been wonderfully disgusting. It started Saturday night with my five year old, then Monday the baby started in the afternoon, which quickly escalated to my six year old and eight year old puking at the same time a few hours later, and to finish the night off my nine year old puked all through the night. I thought I had missed the bug, thanks to my super awesome immune system; but unfortunately I too caught it. My husband is starting to show signs that he is the next victim; I think my 11 year old might be the only one to escape the evil grasps of this vicious little bug. 

Last night I did an oil rub down on everyone with DigestZen, Serenity and OnGuard. Today I have been running OnGuard in the diffuser. All the kids seem to be on the mend today, and it didn't hit me as hard as it got them. They all thought it was great that they got sick because they got to watch movies today while I'll slept. So not only did we all lose a few pounds but we all got to be lazy for a couple of days, what a blessing in disguise:).


  1. OOH, that is SO miserable!! I'm glad you guys are able to see the silver lining, though. ;-)

  2. YUCKY! So sorry you've been sick. It will probably be memorable, "Remember that summer when we all got sick for three days." We have a "memorable" family Christmas party where we all started puking...
    Good times.