Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fast Food Fail

Sometimes when you are as stubborn/dumb as I am you have to keep relearning the same lesson over and over.  For me, it's what happens to my body when I eat crappy food. We finished my food challenge a few weeks ago and even though it had ended I kept my food very healthy; other than a few times that we made some homemade popcorn.

That all ended after two baseball games on Monday. We had a game from 5:00-6:30 and then 7:00-8:00.  I had even planned ahead and put some chicken in the crock pot so I could whip together a salad in between games. Well, we ran out of time between the two games and at 8:00 everyone was starving and nobody was in the mood for a salad. So, we went out to eat; I got something really good for you, fish and chips. Fish is healthy, right?? To attempt to make it a little bit healthier I switched the fries out for sweet potato fries and I gave the bread to my baby. Bad move, the sweet potato fries were so gross; so of course I had to order tater tots to make up for the poor choice of fries. I inhaled them all, it was delicious. 

Then about 30-60 minutes later, it all got ugly. Have you ever seen a grown woman lying in the fetal position because her belly hurts so bad? I was a mess. That night was the first time in a really long time that I had a bad night of sleep and when I woke up I had a giant zit! Are you kidding me?! It was only one greasy meal! The whole next day I felt sluggish and gross. It has taken a few days for me to feel like myself again.

I guess if I want to try to learn something from this lovely experience it is a great reminder of what crap food makes you feel like. Surprisingly, it makes you feel like crap.

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