Saturday, May 18, 2013


What in the world is UHEA? I didn't know until about a couple of months ago. It stands for, Utah Home Education Association. They are a support system for home schoolers in Utah, and they have links for yahoo groups, information on political issues, a prom and they also have a convention every year with lots of different speakers. 

This year the convention is June 14th and 15th and it is their 33rd annual convention and curriculum fair; it will be held at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo. The convention includes keynote speakers for adults and teens, panels, workshops and many home education related vendor booths and exhibits.

There will be classes on a variety of all different subjects; some of them are on homeschooling basics, dos and don'ts of homeschooling, teaching your kids to be financially responsible, different methods of homeschooling, internet safety and organization.

Now the exciting/scary part. Yours truly will be one of the presenters at the convention. I will be teaching a class called, "A Well-Balanced Life (even as a homeschool mom!)". In my class we'll go over how you can homeschool and still do all the things you need and want to do, and some basic time management ideas. 

When I was first asked to do this I was naive and I thought it would be fun. I was feeling fairly confident until I saw the list of some of the other presenters there. It is an impressive list, with some very awesome people, and then there is me. I'm definitely not your standard presenter, I am used to teaching children. I like teaching kids, they are a little crazy and I am incredibly amused by that. 

So, if you're new to homeschooling or if you've done it for 10 years there is something for everyone at the convention. If you do come, stop by and say hi; just don't come and heckle me.