Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where Are We Going?

I'm sure you have been sitting on pins and needles just wondering where we're going to go on our vacation. The truth is we filmed the whole thing, and I thought it would be super fun to edit it from 30 minutes to a cute 1min video of them figuring out where we're going. But alas, I have no idea how to do so. So you will just have to get told about the magical morning and hopefully I will do it justice.

This is the first Christmas the kids slept in, we finally woke them up around 8am. They got to open their stocking stuffers and were quite happy with them.  Because this was our first year doing this and we were a little nervous about the disappointment of not opening presents, we tried to make this as fun as possible.

My kids are really into the book, "The 39 Clues", so we decided to recreate a clue hunt just like the book. There was a large box that was marked for them. Inside the box they were told the instructions for the clue hunt and the first clue was hidden in the box. They had to gather 6 clues, they were all in riddles that they had to figure out. After they had all of the clues they were sent to a youtube video of my husband explaining the last part of the clue was to unscramble the first letter of every clue they already found.

These were their clues:
eXpo markers-they had to use the second letter of this one
Cherokee-my husband's car
Machete-yes we have one of these, weird I know
Ontario-they were sent to a map we have

My eight year old was the first one to figure it out and starting jumping up and down yelling, "Mexico! Mexico! We're going to Mexico!" That was the part I wanted to show, she's adorable.

This was my favorite Christmas. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas too!

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