Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I have never been great at picking favorites, but I am pretty sure my baby puking in my face yesterday was not a favorite of mine.

We were at church on Sunday and my baby puked all over the place. We thought maybe he just choked on something because he wasn't acting sick and he didn't have a fever. After a long nap he woke up and puked again. I really like to use the oil DigestZen for a sick stomach. I put some coconut oil in my hand and added 3-5 drops of the DigestZen, then I rubbed it all over his belly.

On Monday he started to feel better and didn't puke anymore, so I didn't put any more oil on him, (don't worry I paid for it.) Tuesday comes around and I haven't put any oil on him since Sunday, he was doing really well and then he started fussing so I picked him up while I was talking to a friend when it happened...he puked, not a little, but full on projectile vomit all over me. It was in my hair, on my face, down my chest, down my legs, all over the wall, all over the floor. It was wonderfully disgusting.

So, I have put more oils on his belly and I started running OnGuard in the diffuser and he hasn't puked since; I hope that running the diffuser will help my other kids not get sick too.

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  1. Puke is not my favorite either. Yuck! I haven't tried DigestZen yet. I'll give it a shot!