Thursday, November 8, 2012


I realize I am a little late posting about Halloween, but I still wanted to, so here it is.

We had a fun October. I had my kids make Halloween decorations that they hung up in our windows. They also strung spider webs all over the front of the house. One of them got creative and put it over the front door, it was great, every time you walked outside you had to duck down to get through the door. That always makes carrying in groceries and a baby exciting!

We carved pumpkins.

She decided to "draw" her pumpkins face instead of carving.

Isn't this guy just special???

He didn't get to carve, so he just hung on everyone.

Halloween day!

Now if you'll notice, a child is missing in this picture. It isn't because I don't love this child. He just happened to run some errands with dad and of course I forgot to take his picture later.

And you better believe I wasn't going to pass out candy to the kids. I ran to the dollar store and gave out toys and such instead of candy. So lame, I know.

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