Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goober Eye

I'm not sure if my sweet baby had pink eye or just a cold in his eye, but the poor guy looked like this.
Gross, I know. 

It is a simple fix to clear up any eye "goobers". First, I put some fractionated coconut oil in the palm of my hand. Second, I put about 2-3 drops each of lavender and melaleuca into the coconut oil. I then rub the oils around his eyes about 3 times a day. And just to make sure that I kill the infection, I rubbed basil on the bottom of his feet.

His eye cleared up within a couple of days!

Now if you will indulge me for a minute I'd like to get on my soapbox. I hear all the time that essential oils are too expensive. A bottle of essential oils that is used regularly can lasts several months. So, it's only costing a couple of dollars a month. On top of that, had I taken him into the Dr.'s I would have had to pay a co-pay, pay for a prescription, arrange for a babysitter for my other monkeys, pay for the gas for the driving to and from the Dr.'s/Pharmacy and all my time (which is worth a lot, I'm sure :))that it would have taken. So, to me essential oils save me a lot of money, not cost me a lot. OK, I can get down from my soapbox now.

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  1. Essential oils save my life every day! Is there an echo in here? ;)