Monday, May 21, 2012


Wondering what has happened to me?? This is what has happened...

I have a one year old!!! 

Why do I forgot how creative these little angels can be? My little guy likes to do two things, rip stuff apart or be held by mom.  This was taken tonight while I was trying to make dinner. I couldn't hold him so I had to present to him option #1, rip something apart. So, I opened the refrigerator door and let him take out all the stuff on the side (great parenting, I know). I did make sure there was no glass he could reach, but didn't realize the how cheap the tupperware was that I bought. He broke the jam jar all over the floor and then decided that wasn't good enough and spread it all over. 

It is already 7pm and all my kids are starving, I have too many things on the stove, so I shoved the dishes in the other side of the sink, ripped off his diaper, (which is unfortunately still in the picture) and put him in the sink. He thought it was fabulous, and I got dinner cooked, while my 9 year old cleaned up the jam. Remember when I said everyone needs one of those??

Long story short, I'm tired. :)


  1. oH Meg! I feel for you! We have all been there though:) You are a great mom, don't ever doubt that!

  2. You ARE tired. I don't know how you do it...having four babies leaves me totally drained by the end of the day. But, for all the exhaustion, you were resourceful and creative and loving and respectful of your one year old. Props to you for being all of those things when it might have been easier to just melt down and cry. You are amazing!!