Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field Day

There is quite a large community of home schoolers, it's fabulous. And because there are so many people home schooling my kids don't miss out on any of the traditional school events like field day. Last week we had our field day and it was so much fun! My kids had a blast competing in the different events, and they we had a huge picnic afterwards, where they just got to run around with all their friends, and I got to sit around and chit chat, (my favorite event).

I was in charge of the long jump, so I only grabbed a couple of pictures.

My sweet guy is the one waving, these are some of the 10-11 yr. olds.

Some of the 6-7 yr. olds.

Here is my helper, not really :). He thought it was funny to run in front of someone as soon as they were about to jump.

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