Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life Skills

This summer we have been meeting with a couple of home school families to do some life skills classes. We have done some baking classes and later on will be doing some about basic car maintenance, cake decorating, meal planning, and even a field trip to the grocery store where the kids will have to find all the ingredients to a meal they are going to cook for their family for dinner.

Today we came to my house to make pizza. It was a lot of fun, the kids got to make the crust and then chop up all the toppings that they wanted on their own pizza. I wanted to make sure to get some pictures but it was my turn to be in charge and because it's hard to help make dough and take pictures I handed the camera to one of my boys. I'm going to post all the pictures because they made me laugh, maybe next time we should take a photography class. :)

My instructions were to take pictures of everyone making their pizza...OK, this one is alright even though she was poking holes in the dough at least she was helping.
Here is a close up of my oldest boy, not really what I had in mind...This one was my favorite, here are someone's elbows :)Here is the back of my someone's head, awesome
This is more of what I had in mind, 5th times a charm!! Nice job buddy :)

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