Monday, June 20, 2011

If you...

If you have one of these...
Who likes to do this...
Then you're going to need some of this...So that you can have this...
Thanks to this cute little monkey we keep a lot of lemon essential oil around the house. She found markers late one night and colored all over herself. Of course she used permanent markers so soap and water wouldn't take it off. I put lemon essential oil directly onto her and it scrubbed right off. Thanks to this cutie we are always finding new things that lemon will clean.


  1. Good to know! My youngest is walking around with green striped feet as I type this!! Hey, I heard that you can make a multi-purpose cleaner/disenfectant by adding a few drops of lemon oil to water in a spray bottle. Do you know how many drops?

  2. Does this also help scrub out bad attitudes? If so, I'll take a diesel sized load.

  3. I like to put lemon on bug bites. It stings for a second but then the itch goes away.

  4. Missy- I don't have an exact number of drops to use for a cleaner. I would just start with 5-10 and add more if you feel it needs it. Good luck!