Friday, May 20, 2011

Spelling Bee

Today was the much anticipated spelling bee!! We have been studying our words all year long. I was nervous that the monkeys would forget all the words they learned after I had the baby, but fortunately a friend of mine told me about You just type in all their spelling words and they can play games with all their words.

Our spelling bee is pretty informal, but a lot of fun. We divide the kids up into their own grade level. They had to spell 5 words correct to win a prize. After all the kids had spelled their 5 words the actual spelling bee started. The kids got one start over and one wrong word do over. Then we take the winners from each grade and have them compete for the grand winner. They get to spell their own words until we get down to the kids who know all their words so no one is getting out, we then bump them up a grade level until we get a winner. It was a lot of fun!!My monkeys won their grade level, then Porter won 1st overall and Bella won 3rd.

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  1. Fun! I'm going to look at that spelling website for my son, he hates spelling. Maybe games can get him interested!