Tuesday, November 9, 2010


And so it begins... I NEVER get heartburn when I am not pregnant, so when I had this burning feeling in my throat with my first baby I didn't know what it was. Someone said it's heartburn, shouldn't heartburn be burning your heart?? Well like a fool I used to down bottles of tums like they were candy. Someone told me on my 5th baby, "You know, tums can give you kidney stones?" OH thanks, someone couldn't have told me that 6 years ago? Well it happened, after I had my 5th baby I ended up in the ER for kidney stones! Not one, but 3 very large ones. I won't lie, they are awful.

So here we are almost halfway through this pregnancy and I am starting to get a little bit of heartburn. You can try to watch what you eat, but sometimes it just doesn't matter. So I have been adding Peppermint oil or Slim and Sassy oil to my water. Slim and Sassy is loaded with peppermint, so either way it is a safe bet. The Peppermint soothes your throat and makes your insides so happy! Then I can go to sleep and have crazy pregnant dreams all night long.

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