Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How I hate you allergies. The watery eyes, the runny nose, the feeling that you want to crawl out of your skin. I don't get allergies often only about twice a year, but none the less I still don't like them. I have yet to meet a person who likes them so here is what you do to get rid of them.

I use Melaleuca* and Lavender* directly across my sinuses and you can also put them on the bottom of your feet. I liked them on my face, but a child probably will not so you can just put them on their feet. Also, you can put Purify* into your diffuser and run it in your house.

*Melaleuca-There are several studies on Melaleuca and it's ability to help histamine-induced problems.
*Lavender is a universal oil that has been know to balance the body to work wherever there is a need. Remember it is all things calming including your allergies!
*Purify is a blend of 6 oils all have been studied for their powerful abilities to disinfect and remove harmful microorganisms.

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