Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swan Lake

Last week the kids and I headed up to Salt Lake to see Swan Lake. I didn't bring the address with me to the theater and just figured it was next to the Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg. It is not. Luckily I always leave way too early, so it gave me plenty of time to drive up and down South Temple looking for it. The show started at 12:30 and by 12:20 I still hadn't found it, calling my husband in near tears he looked up the address and told me it was on 200 South. He was kind enough to stay on the phone with me until I found the parking garage. The kids and I parked and ran for the theater. We made it within seconds of it starting.

They did a fabulous job teaching the kids about the stage and even letting some kids practice with the dancers. They told us all about the story of Swan Lake and then they performed the second act for us. We loved it!! I want to be a ballerina when I grow up!!

Here are the kids and me in our fancy theater clothes. I say "fancy" lightly.

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