Sunday, June 16, 2013

Not Your Typical Father's Day Post

If I have to see one more happy picture of someone and their dad I think I am going to have to scream. I am happy for you that you got a great dad, but I am also a bit jealous. OK, a lot jealous. 

My parents divorced when I was young and we were raised by our mom. I keep hearing about people fighting over the kids in a divorce, that wasn't the case in my story. My mom would have fought to keep us all, but there was no one to fight with. He was just gone. Father's Day used to be the worst day of the year; I used to cry every single Father's Day and thought the whole day was a joke. 

It was interesting to me that today, of all days, I happened to talk to someone about something they were struggling with. After she told me her trial she told me how she was struggling with the, "Why me?" question. Why was she asked to bear this burden, it is so unfair that nobody else has this problem. 

So instead of focusing on the, "Why me?", today I choose to focus on what I do have. I have an amazing husband, he is absolutely wonderful. He is happy, kind, brilliant and super good looking. He has given me six wild monkeys and I love them all. He inspires me to be a better person and is always there for me and our kids. 

I also have a wonderful father-in-law, brothers-in-law and a brother who are great examples of what a father should be. I have been blessed with so many wonderful men in my life that there isn't much room left for the heartache. As sad as I used to be is as happy as I am now.

So to my husband, I love you, happy Father's Day!!

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